About the Maas-ive Fans Book Club and Podcast

Welcome to the Maas-ive Fans Book Club and Podcast! Thank you for joining us in this new book club-style podcast where we read, summarize, discuss… or more like laugh and cry… about our favorite novels. This series will be kicking off with book after book by the wonderful Sarah J. Maas, and we will be taking on A Court of Thorns and Roses to start.

Quick back story here – Kim and I are in a book club that I accidentally started right before the pandemic began in March of 2020, and long story short, Kim joined us for book club when we renewed our schedule for 2021 and she brought to the table ACOTAR, and then… I loved this story a little too much to let it go. So HERE WE ARE!

In this weekly podcast, we will cover a set of chapters’ events so that you can follow along with us whether our descriptions are a reminder, or you are learning about this plot for the first time. Either way, we will keep you in the loop, share some of our favorite moments and quotes, and dive into how these books touch on aspects from our lives, as well as our guests lives, in future episodes.

Though we mostly focus on fantasy novels, which can be kind of serious, we keep things light and fun and plan to introduce you to some of our favorite book related memes, TikToks, and fanart along the way.

We are so happy to have each and every one of you with us as we kick-off this book-club style podcast and spend some time in your ears each week!

We can be found on Facebook @MaasiveFansBookClubandPodcast, Twitter @MaasivePodcast, Instagram @MaasiveFansPodcast, and Pinterest @MaasiveFans

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